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My name is Sherri Grant. I live with one adorable husband, one loyal dog, and 10 beautiful hens. I am a quilter who loves her job. I love the process of learning, doing, accomplishing and helping others do the same. I like the idea of “Mailing a Hug” when I send a quilt away. I am tickled to death to think that there are people in other places finding comfort and warmth in something that I made with my own hands. In other words, I am in love with the WHOLE PROCESS of making quilts and can’t wait to share it!!

Jim Grant is the the adorable husband. Without him, the quilting machine would still be disassembled, and no one would eat dinner on the days when creativity strikes. He has been around for so long now that he is starting to think like a quilter and is seeing quilting fabrics in his dreams. He is also in charge of our quilt photography. Look for more information on Jim and his photos on our Services page.

Together we are building a new and exciting way to look at an old craft. Quilting has never been so much fun!

Cactus Rose Quilts is about quilting: making quilts, sharing quilts, teaching quilting, designing quilt fabrics, creating new pattern designs, and completing quilts for people who love to make them but don’t have time to quilt them. Our company is not just about making something to sleep under, it is about friendship and creativity and taking time to enjoy the process of quilt building.

Cactus Rose Quilts
602 Cactus Bend Drive Pflugerville TX 78660

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