Longarm Quilting


Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm quilting uses a large machine set on a frame that holds all the layers of the quilt in place while the Quilter directs the Longarm to create your patterned stitching. This varies from stationary home machines in that at home your quilt is moved through the stationary machine. With Longarm Quilting we are able to fully customize the look of your finished quilt.

Within the Longarm Services we include: Making Quilts (ranging from a fresh design, to helping you realize your ideal quilt); Finishing Quilts (including completion of your pieced top to batting and backing); Assistance in bringing your planned pieces to completion; or Working with you to design your own project (your pieces, complete your top, and putting it to backing with batting).

Longarm pricing is available after a consultation meeting.



Events = Life.

Photos Record Events.

Portraits Create Memories.

Jim Grant creates a true life memory of the quilts he photographs. Whether the reason is for a juried quilt show entry, detail shots for a book, or your personal quilt documentation – this is the person you want to photograph your quilt. His special attention to detail and appreciation for the art of quilting shows in every picture he creates.