Surprise and Hard Work

You know when you start a new project and you are all excited… and then after awhile it is a little less fun, and then just plain work…. and then finally, finally, it is done and you are amazed and impressed and soooo happy because it is better than you had ever imagined.
Ever felt that way?
That is exactly how I feel about my latest project. Yes, this is That Project.

Welcome to our new website!

Never in a million years did I dream that THIS would be the result of those fateful words, “I need help.” When I approached Alisha, a woman who I barely knew, and told her what I was looking for, she was happy to start teaching me the magic of site-building.. she couldn’t wait to start. Wow! I want my response to be just like hers whenever anyone suggests something new to me: Boundless Enthusiasm and Endless Patience!

We have a new website, I have new friends, and I feel like anything is possible!
Feel free to poke around and see what we have created. There are some new quilts and new ideas, as well as some old favorites. I hope that you enjoy our efforts.

Thanks for stopping by…

….. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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